The Journey of Step

Crafted and engineered in Switzerland.

It all started in 2013 in Central Switzerland, when Jérôme Comte and Dorian Cransac, two fellow performance engineers working at a major accident insurance company, faced a challenge: load and performance tests had to be run for applications where protocol-based testing was practically not possible.

Since client-based tests for test automation already existed, Jérôme and Dorian imagined being able to reuse those scripts for load testing, but no existing tool could fulfill these requirements. The company they were working for gave them the opportunity to develop their own solution, a platform that would unify the fields of software automation and therefore enable the reuse of test automation scripts for load testing. After two years of hard development work, they managed to build the application that they had imagined.

After a couple of years using this newly developed application internally and realizing the potential for wider utility, the insurance company made it open source and Jérôme launched his own company to keep developing this application that would become Step as we know it today. This is how exense GmbH, the company behind Step, was founded in 2016.

Step Enterprise Edition was released in 2017, and in the following years the exense team grew and Step started being used by multiple insurance companies, banks and administrations in Switzerland, France and Germany.

After a few successful years on-premise and after realizing that companies based all over the world could also benefit from such a tool, Step took a turn and the SaaS version was released in 2022.

Step, the Swiss made software automation platform, is now used in 16 countries and our dedicated team continuously keeps expanding its features!






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Companies that trust us

  • Our primary customers are companies that operate in areas such as insurance, banking, and administration.
  • The flexibility of our product allows us to work with companies from a variety of different disciplines as well.
  • We work with companies of all sizes and scale our products precisely for each individual use-case.
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