Step 20 is out

step R3.19.0 is out

A new blog entry for browser-based load-testing with step

step R3.18.0 is out

step R3.17.0 is out

step R3.16.0 is out

step R3.15.0 is out

step R3.14.0 is out

step R3.13.0 is out

step R3.12.0 is out

New Case Study: step as a RPA platform

New case study: Solving the Win32 issue using C#

step R3.11.0 is out

A new tutorial for Android testing on step

New Case Study: the end-to-end testing of asynchronous systems

New Case Study: Android in the cloud

New White Paper: the TCO of browser automation

step R3.10 is out

The step knowledge base is live!