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step SaaS

With step SaaS our powerful automation solution ascends into the cloud to combine its core strengths with the advantages of SaaS.

You can now set up a step cluster in just a few easy steps and access it immediately. Concentrate on your goals with our maintenance free infrastructure and scale your projects freely on demand. Best of all, you will only be billed for your actual usage which gives you the freedom to test it risk-free or scale it to enterprise-level demands.

Check out this Quick setup guide to get started and find out how Load-Testing with Selenium or Cypress can access the power of SaaS by scaling the load quickly for just the time you need it, creating the possibility of new use cases. The versatile nature of its architecture is suitable for technical as well as non-technical users to design and execute automation scenarios.

Rethink Automation; Get step now! Avail from our limited early bird offer and claim your CHF50 credit! step SaaS is available for everyone and can be tested without any strings attached.

Move your business forward. Because at most times, taking that first ‘step’ makes all the difference.

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step SaaS

Reduce costs

Reuse code and plans throughout the dev-ops cycle so that people can focus on what's important.


Build scenarios in a modular way using keywords.

Clear roles and interfaces for maximum efficiency.

Enable collaboration

Share your infrastructure, artefacts and results between teams with a simple link or copy paste.

Share all data and artefacts between users

Distribute roles and authenticate users

Scale your multitenant infrastructure and share across projects.